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I Love Carolina Beach Music™

Yes, I do!  I do what?  I Love Carolina Beach Music ™ and love to share it with everyone I  know. everyone I meet and everyone that hasn’t heard.  I use the pronoun “I” but I’ll also use a “we” because it’s not just me.  We’re a family.

This very website began with me.  I am Tom Jones – not the exciting singer from Wales.  I am Tom Jones from Kenly, North Carolina.  I grew up listening to WLAC in Nashville, in my bedroom, at home, during the wee hours of the night.   Of course, this was all after my homework was done!  Those were the days.  Hearing the R & B sounds that you did not hear on daytime radio and this kind of music was good.  It was real good.  The only problem was the station would fade in and out and you had to listen in between the static.  Sometimes, a thunderstorm would prevent from listening, at all.  But, it was worth it as you could hear that beat.   The DJs all had deep voices and sounded like they were black.  I guess I knew, deep down, the artists were all black.   What a different sound that was.  And, I loved it.

A few years later, I began hearing about the beat music being in Wilson, NC an d I just had to learn how to dance that all the guys and girls were dancing.  We had one of the best dancers, from Kenly, who always knew all the steps and all the girls wanted to dance with him.  His name was Ottie Byrd and he was the first champion dancer with whom I became familiar.  He was inducted into the Atlantic Beach Shagger’s Hall of Fame.  He has since passed away.  I loved the music and the dance, as it changed my life and my outlook on life.

Some of the DJ’s from “back in the day” were John R (Richbourg) Gene Nobles, Herman Grizzard and Billl (Hoss) Allen.  Artist like Otis Rush, Muddy Weters, Howlin Wolf & Sonny Boy Williamson.  John R and the Cornfield Blues Music, ground breaking R & B and early rock performers like Church Berry and Fats Domino.

“Now friend, I know you got some soul.  If you didn’t you wouldn’t be listening to ol’ John R because I got me some soul.  I’ll tell you something’ friend,  you can really tell the world you got soul with this brand new sweeping gold medallion, a jewelry pendent.”

I also love the dance called The Shag.  The Shag and Carolina Beach Music go together like love and marriage, a horse and carriage, a hand and glove and peanut butter and jelly.  You can’t have one without the other!

There are places that are synonymous with both The Shag and Carolina Beach Music.  Almost a Mecca, of sorts, and folks flock to these places like flies to honey.  And, there are other places where people also gather to enjoy themselves and embrace the great sounds and we’re going to talk about these places on our website.  We’re going to show photos of The Shag Generation(s) taking part in the wonderful dance called The Shag – The Dance of The South.  We’re going to introduce you some of the best DJs of our time.

The music is second to none.  These bands are right up there among the rest of the greats of the music world.  We’re going to introduce you to these bands and the musicians.

We’re going to take you to the various Shag Clubs and introduce many of the dance instructors who will demonstrate some of their techniques and steps.

We’re going to tell you about excitement going on – places to go – people to meet and things to do.

I’m going to be having contests and give-aways that will be exciting.  So you will not want to miss out.

And, last but not least I’m going to do my best to keep this passion of mine alive.  I going to do my best to promote the future of this dance and it’s music alive for generations to come.

See you on the dance floor – soon!

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