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                                                       SOS SPRING SAFARI

                                                        April 15– 24,2016
Each year at the end of April the coming of Spring is celebrated by thousands of
shaggers from all along the east coast. They hit the road in search of wild life. Their
destination is the famous little strip of sand known as the Grand Strand. After the
long Winter, shaggers are eager for the first outing of the Summer. They find it at
the SOS Spring Safari.
For 10 days the biggest adult party on the East Coast crashes into North Myrtle
Beach like an ocean wave. A wide variety of activities is scheduled for the event.
Many member clubs of the ACSC will schedule “tea parties” in the local lounges.
The lounges themselves schedule special parties during the Safari. Popular bands
show up along Main Street playing crowd favorites. Shag dance instructors will offer
classes to the masses who are seeking to improve their skill or increase their
repertoire of moves.
But the big attraction is the night life. As the sun goes down the animals of the Safari
come out to play in the clubs along Main Street & OD. Old friends will seek each
other out & new friends will be made. The night will be spent shag dancing to
timeless music that moves the soul.
On the last Saturday of SOS everyone meets on Main Street for the perennial
favorite parade of the year, the ACSC Club’s Parade. ACSC member clubs plan,
design, & build parade floats for fun & a chance to win one of the coveted awards.
There are award categories for best shag theme & most original float. The Spring
Safari Parade always draws a huge crowd. Not only will the shaggers be out in force,
but the beach locals stream to the streets for an afternoon of fun & laughter!
If you are ready for a little adventure maybe it is time for you to schedule a trip to
the wilds of North Myrtle Beach. Maybe it is time for you to join the party at the
SOS Spring Safari.      (for more information about S.O.S. 2016)–contact these 2 websites listed for all of the latest in beach & shag events.


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